Crusty Cheesy Damper

Ini bukan roti. Ini Australian dishes. Healthy & sedap!. Atasnya ada crust cheese. Dlmnya lembut mcm roti yg dipadatkan. Hidang bersama marmalade & butter.

Bahan yang mudah! Dan car pun sgt mudah!

Crusty Cheesy Damper

4 cups self raising flour
2 1/2 cup susu , approximately
1 cup keju cincang
1 teaspoon dry mustard (Mustard biasa pun boleh)
1 tablespoon bijan (badam cincang pun boleh)


Komen dulu!


Sy Raihan said...

sesuai utk mereka yg berdiet juga..

Anonymous said...

nak resipii !

Belle Z. said...

wOW!!!crusty cheese sy mmg gilekan!nk resepi buleh?hihi..oops..cara membuatnye!

Sy Raihan said...

Oh.. saya tak bagi penuh ye.. ok.. ni yg penuh:

Crusty Cheese Damper

4 cups self raising flour
2 1/2 cups milk
1 cup grated tasty cheesy
1 teaspoon dry mustard
1 tablespoon sesame seeds

Sift flour into bowl, stir enough milk to give a sticky dough.
Knead on lightly floured surface untl smooth, shape into a round.
Place dough onto lightly greased oven tray, press out with finger to about 3cm thick.
Using sharp knife, mark into 10 wedges, cut int dough about 1cm deep.

Sprinkle dough with combined cheese and mustard, top with sesame seeds.
Bake in hot oven 15 mnts, reduce heat to moderately hot, bake further 20mnts until golden brown and damper sounds hollow when tapped with fingers.

(best served hot, straight from oven)

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